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November 9, 2013


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He was always thinking.




You watched him from the other side of the desk as he typed away furiously, recording data from his latest tests on the small blue crystal fragments that seemed to give him never ending joy. With a smile you leaned against your hand and sighed a little.

He stopped typing, "What's wrong?"

Blinking you answered, "Huh? Oh nothing... it’s just a little funny..."

Donatello tilted his head, "What is?"

You blush, "Just you... the way you get so into your work, for a moment I wondered if you knew I was still here."

"Oh..." he chuckles, "Sorry... I do tend to get a little too focused from time to time. I can't even remember how often I've come in here and nearly forgotten to eat."

Walking around the desk you look at his computer and then back at him, "Maybe that's why the guys have asked me to sort of stay in here to watch you... so you have a reminder."

Donnie stares at you standing close to him and then shakes his head to snap out of whatever daze he'd just slipped into, "Yeah... maybe."

For a moment the two of you seem to just look at each other, but you become nervous and look away, "So... what have you figured out today?"

He takes the opportunity to step away and look at one of the crystal pieces, "Not much... there's so much I want to know that it never seems like enough..."

You walk over to the other side of the table, "Like what... exactly?"

"Well... where does the power come from?" Donnie looks closer, "These little suckers are like batteries and I still don't know how the energy is stored in them..."

Leaning on the table to look closer you tilt your head, "Well... maybe..." looking closer you sigh, "Yeah joke, I have no idea what I'm talking about..."

Donnie smiles a little, "That's kind of where I'm at..."

You walk around the table and sigh, "Do you have any theories?"

He seemed to fidget a little and then spoke a little too quickly, "Well it could be something about the structure of the molecules within the crystal that allow it to store energy, but then it's a question of how it's accessed... and I've considered that maybe there's some kind of charge that runs through the crystal that charges it but I've never had any evidence to..."

Putting a hand on his shoulder you say, "Whoa Donnie... slower... are you alright? You seem nervous?"

Donatello could have been blushing, but he looked away, "Yeah I'm fine."

"I'm not convinced..." you narrowed your eyes.

He stood up a little straighter and cleared his throat, "I mean it... I'm good."

Sighing you shrugged and walked over to his chair, "If you say so..."

Donnie's gaze lingered on you before he looked back at the crystal. Once again you sighed and spun around in his chair, your eyes fell on Donnie's lab coat... something he wore from time to time. You got up and looked closely at the large white jacket, because that's all it really was. You felt his eyes on you periodically and you blushed a little, smiling. Taking the lab coat down from where it was hanging you slipped it on and noted that it was much too big.

You heard him laugh a little and you turned, putting your hands on your hips, even though they were lost in the sleeves, "What's so funny?"

He shook his head, still laughing and you couldn't help but laugh with him, "I look ridiculous right?"

Donatello still shook his head, "No... it's cute..."

Slowly you stopped laughing and just smiled, "Cute? Really...?"

He seemed to realize what he'd said and he blushed, "Well yeah i was just thinking that..."

Clicking your tongue you say, "Always thinking... always, always, always..."

Donnie looked over a little confused and you hung the jacket back up before walking over to him, "Donatello... do you ever just act on impulse?"

The purple masked ninja raises an eyebrow and answers, "Well... sometimes... when I'm fighting, but... I guess not really."

Tilting your head you look up, "Why not?"

"I just... like to think things through, it's safer," he explains.

You step closer to him so that your toes are almost touching, "Do you always have to play it safe?"

Donatello seemed nervous again, "I guess not..."

Seeing him nervous like this just because you were so close gave you a little thrill, it was sweet. Tentatively you put your hands on his shoulders, "So... you are willing to take risks?"

His shoulders were tense, "I... uh... I am."

Your voice was quieter as you pressed your chest against his, leaning up slightly, "Any kind of risk?"

His voice was a little quieter as well and you felt his heart rate speed up some, "Yes."

You looked into his eyes, "Can you prove it?"

Donatello's arms wrapped around your waist and he answered, "Definitely..."

He leaned in and kissed you, surprising you but making your stomach do a back flip! You wrapped your arms the rest of the way around his neck and closed your eyes as Donatello continued kissing you, his arms holding you firmly against him as the two of you forgot about the world around you. Nothing could stop you from wanting this to last, but both of you still needed to breathe.

Breaking away from the kiss, he asked breathlessly, "Convinced?"

You pant and then shake your head, "No... let's try it again..."

With a small laugh he leaned in again and you happily let your lips brush over his and he surprises you again, moving away from your lips and kissing your cheek, and then your neck just beneath your ear and you shiver, "Okay... now I'm a little more convinced."

Donatello smiles and his warm breath tickles your neck and you tilt your head for him and hum a little as he kisses your neck again, and again, and again...

After a little while like this the two of you were standing together, arms still locked around one another. Donatello grinned at you, "So... I think I'll think less around you from now on..."

Letting your fingers trace small circles on his back just beneath his shell a little you wondered out loud, "How long have you been thinking too much around me?"

Donnie shivered a little, "Way too long..."

Kissing the base of his neck you smile, "Then I think that's a good idea..."

He rested his chin on the top of your head and sighed, "I think I..." He stopped and laughed a little to himself, "Nah... I know I love you..."

You blush warmly and hug him a little tighter, "I love you too Donatello."

Neither of you even noticed the other three turtles looking into the lab and exchanging money with quiet gloating laughs and sighs of defeat.

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own TMNT the characters and concepts belong to their respected owners

Yay! A Donnie Fic! Given that I'm writing all the ninjas a fic I wanted Donnie's to be kinda cute... so I hope you like it!

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MMHinman Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aww this is really cute:)
Freaky-Mee Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
now that's just cute Shouko-Blush (Baka to test)
i really love your writing style  Heart Animation Heart Animation
keep up the awesome work :)
StarStruckAngel711 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that you like my style, I'm a little hard on myself sometimes and I've really been trying to perfect it. :D Gives me warm fuzzies to hear that people actually like it when I get so frustrated with myself. lol
Freaky-Mee Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
don't get frustrated Hug 
your style's just awesome :D
you should really keep it up cuz i'd love to read more from you :)
StarStruckAngel711 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! Don't forget to check out my gallery! :D I try to update... sometimes. ^^;
Freaky-Mee Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i will :D
Raph: Shit. Damnit Leo you lucky bastard.

Leo: *Laughs and takes some cash from Raph*

Mikey: *Smiles* "Ha! I knew better than to bet against Leo

Me: *Hears tham and throws shurikens at them*

StarStruckAngel711 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice :D lol i bet they weren't expecting that. 
Me: *Laughs* "yeah, They never see it coming."

*Raph* "Rolls his eyes* "Whatever."

Mikey: *Laughs*

Leo: "Alex is an excellent assassin. Our most favorable advisary. She almost took out all four of us."
StarStruckAngel711 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh really? that's impressive. :)
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